Top 5 reasons to switch to EDI Managed Services

In this current economic climate it has never been more vital that a reliable IT infrastructure is in place. Ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum and any issues are resolved efficiently is also key.

However, many businesses can be reluctant to move away from their current processes  Although experience shows that making the switch to a EDI Managed Services provider can prove highly beneficial; not only from a cost saving perspective, but also in relation to service performance and flexibility.

In a time when company processes need to be as streamlined as possible and costs should be forecast in advance; moving your EDI processes over to a managed service environment can be the right thing to do.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider switching to EDI Managed Services:

  • Lower operating and software investment costs – Minimise your investment in hardware, software and communications infrastructure. Moving away from having to manage and update internal EDI solutions can reduce costs and also improve quality as your Managed EDI Services provider will only release updates that are rigorously checked and supported.
  • Increased level of service and uptime – Using Managed Services you can almost guarantee 99.9% uptime. Continued investment in the service provided ensures that the latest technologies are always in place. Also, by outsourcing to a Managed Service provider you do not need to worry about internal staff being sick or on annual leave; your business processes will always be covered.
  • Reduced risks and improved predictability – Managed Service providers operate with a transparent pricing system, enabling you to know your monthly costs up front and also to be fully secure in knowing your system will always be supported by a 24/7 team.
  • Redeployment of internal business resources – Utilising Managed Services allows you to refocus staffs skillsets into new areas now that you are able to outsource the previous workload. If you are an SME it can also mean that you do not need to hire staff in that area anymore.
  • Increased level of customer satisfaction – Improved uptime, future proofed software, increased security, all of these factors lend themselves to a better customer/ user experience,

In summary, considering the move to utilising a Managed EDI Solution could really pay off for your business, not only should it reduce costs but it also allows you to refocus your energy on your businesses core objectives; whilst industry leading experts look after the day to day management of your system.

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