Optimise Your Retail Outcomes using EDI

At Data Interchange, we have experience in helping retailers increase efficiency and make effective business decisions with scalable solutions that provide real time visibility.


Emerging opportunities

For retailers who have been able to overcome recent challenges there are significant opportunities. These include:

Rapid growth

Rapid growth

The explosion of online retail means the traditional constraints on retail growth are disappearing. Rather than relying on local consumers alone, retailers can expand their markets to areas with high demand in ways previously unimaginable.

Customer intelligence

Customer intelligence

Online retail increases enable retailers to utilise diverse marketing tools. Access to an increased volume of customer data, along with the deployment of AI, facilitates the integration of predictive analysis and best practices.

Optimising operations

Optimising operations

Growth and enhanced analysis allows retailers to improve efficiency. Robust supply chain management is key in delivering the speed customers demand and driving positive business outcomes.

Key shifts in the retail landscape will inform companies pathways to success in the next normal


Macro Arrow


Reduction in discreationary income


Commercial Arrow


Growth of
 e-commerce and
 omnichannel platforms

Shift in purchasing

Shift in purchasing

Forcus on “essentials”
 and value; home as the
 centre of life

Loyalty and switching

Loyalty and switching

Shock to loyalty and brands (more switching)


Cost Arrow


Right-sizing brick-and-mortar
 stores and supply chain



Increased costs related to hygiene— e.g. more frequent
 and in depth cleaning cycles

Labour Dynamics

Labour Dynamics

Increased need for on-demand workforce that can scale with demand

Source: McKinsey

Challenging times

In 2020 total retail sales volumes fell by 1.9% from 2019, the biggest annual drop on record. Even as the recovery continues, there are still obstacles to be overcome. 

Multichannel experiences

With more shopping taking place online, customers are moving seamlessly between online and offline experiences, with 96% of consumers doing some kind of online shopping. Retailers must adapt to meet the demands of new customer expectations with digital teams and expertise.

Global complexity

Globalisation and emerging markets have led to complex supply chains. While this has its benefits, the result is a fragility that did not exist previously, with global supply chains more susceptible to instability. To combat this, retailers will require increased levels of supply chain visibility, control and agility.   

Utilising the right technology

With the help of technology, such as Point of Sale (POS) systems and customer management software, retailers can access platforms to streamline and scale up their business. Misguided choices can however increase costs and reduce efficiency.

Unlock your potential with EDI

Making the most of these opportunities will be vital for retailers looking to maintain a competitive advantage. A reliable EDI system will help in this regard, and provide additional benefits, including:


Simple solutions

With the help of EDI, smooth supply chain integration solutions to simplify processes can become a reality, whilst cloud based EDI facilitates access across retail supply chains.

Enhanced visibility

Access an effective single-source-of-truth with cloud based tools, a system that drives trading partner adoption and subsequently a more holistic supply chain overview.

Greater control

EDI gives you unparalleled visibility over your supply chains, and by utilising data you can also benefit from increased levels of supply chain relationship control. 

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Our experience in retail

If you’d like to learn more about how Data Interchange’s solutions have transformed retail supply chains and driven positive business outcomes, check out this case study.


Go one step further with EDI-as-a-Service

At Data Interchange we know that the logistics industry relies on guaranteed outcomes and optimised data exchanges. That’s why we’ve developed a new solution that we call EDI-as-a-Service.

Managed services

Our team works with you and your supply chain partners to provide support when needed, optimise workflows, solve problems and seamlessly onboard new trading partners.

Cloud-based tools

Access EDI documents from the cloud via a single connection, simplify EDI infrastructure and integrate sophisticated analytics and control tools to optimise outcomes.

Tailored outcomes

EDI-as-a-Service is built around your specific requirements. We provide support where needed, and automation where possible. Never miss a beat and get consistent outcomes guaranteed.

Improved scalability 

“Like many businesses, we’ve had to make some tough changes during the pandemic, to which Data Interchange supported with their flexible nature. They are a crucial part of our communications strategy and provided invaluable support long before Covid-19 surfaced.”

Brian Dyer
IT Systems Architect, S.A. Brain & Co Ltd.

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How it works

Cloud-based tools combining multiple types of EDI, alongside managed services and software-as-a-service, come together with EDI-as-a-Service. Once you get started, you’ll be able to access:


On-demand support

Our specialist team monitors processes and are in place to quickly respond whenever issues arise.


Dashboard visibility

Access dashboards with flexibility over your real time data and advanced reporting capabilities.


Smooth partner onboarding

Our team can on-board new partners and migrate EDI message flows on your behalf.


ERP integration

Support for various ERP systems, ensuring the automatic sending and receiving of data.


Multiple EDI standards

Utilise the ability to translate data into recognised formats with the help of our integration specialists.


Email notification

Benefit from automatic emails to suppliers once an order is available in the web portal.

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