Optimising global supply chains with next generation EDI

Benefit from automated communication
between your EDI and SAP ERP system.

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What do we do?

Eliminate errors

Fast B2B Data Exchange

Connect 10,000+ global businesses with our B2B EDI integration. Efficient, accurate, and in sync, we tackle complex integration challenges, reducing risks.

Gain visibility

Innovate Your Supply Chain

30+ years of pioneering tech, creative partnerships, and cutting-edge solutions for top automotive brands. Enhance operations and grow confidently with us.

Gain visibility

Simplify EDI and
Data Integration

Solve tomorrow's problems today. Trust our expertise in EDI and data integration. Streamline processes and boost supply chain efficiency. Talk to our experts now.

Global leaders depend on Data Interchange EDI solutions

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Discover the new
approach to EDI

EDI-as-a-Service combines our industry leading products with the ease and simplicity of the cloud.

Reduce complexity and mitigate risk, enable more efficient and synchronised business interaction with your global supply chain.

This is what EDI was always meant to be.

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Increase profitability with increased supply chain efficiency

Enable suppliers to exchange standardised orders, invoices and dispatch notifications using only a web browser.

Less manual processing means more efficient, profitable business and better supplier relationships.

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Integrate supply chain partners, big and small

Easily trade with thousands of global businesses through a single connection.

Trading partners all have preferred data communication methods, standards and protocols.

Send your data through our VAN and our 
integration experts will handle the rest.

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Discover the new
approach to EDI

Stay agile and get to market quicker by scaling your EDI operations, no EDI expertise required.

We on-board new trading partners and migrate existing
EDI message flows on your behalf, so you can focus
on your business.

Improved scalability

“Data Interchange successfully put in place a new OFTP2 capability and migrated 250 suppliers despite challenging deadlines. A truly remarkable achievement!”

Ian Dilliway
Global Head of EDI, Visteon

"The level of support that Data Interchange continues to provide the Sertec Group as it continues to grow is exemplary."

Lee Chatfield
Systems Development Manager, Sertec

Data Interchange has been a trusted partner of Hanon Systems for some time and now provides a fully managed Web EDI service. Our experience with Data Interchange has been extraordinary. Their detailed and organised approach while working on this project has been commendable, producing outstanding results. I can proudly say that Data Interchange has never let me down.

Suguna Arumugam Velusamy
Global EDI Manager, Hanon Systems
Improved Scalability

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