Drive Business Outcomes in the Automotive Industry with EDI

At Data Interchange, we’ve spent decades providing improved supply chain outcomes for the automotive sector. Get access to the services and solutions essential to sustainable supply chain success.


A future full of opportunitiy

The automotive industry has faced unprecedented challenges in recent times. The complexity of automotive supply chains made recovery that much harder. Finding a solution is critical to harnessing the future’s true potential. 



New markets, new types of vehicles and new customer channels are driving explosive growth across the industry. China, India and Brazil present particular opportunities for expansion and new business models are projected to expand revenue by up to 30%.



Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and AI-enabled self-driving cars will both disrupt and expand manufacturing and purchasing. Development, investment and distribution of new technology will direct winners and losers for the future of the industry.

Expanded service models

Expanded service models

“All-in-one” packages, financing, insurance and delivery services, along with aftermarket parts for new types of vehicles, all present significant opportunities. Finding ways to deliver new services and create frictionless experiences online will drive future growth.


Source: McKinsey&Company

And challenges that need to be overcome

In order to capitalise on the opportunities of the future, retailers, suppliers and OEMs need to overcome the challenges of today.

Complex Supply Chains

The production of specific parts in different countries, as well as Just-in-Time manufacturing, make automotive supply chains complicated and fragile. That’s why flexible supply chains, which provide enhanced visibility and a greater degree of control, are essential.

New Partners

With technology continually evolving, new supply chain partners specialising in the latest innovations, like battery electric vehicles (BEV), are required. Its also imperative partners can handle Just-in-Time production to ensure efficiency throughout the supply chain.

New Channels

Shifts towards digital channels are accelerating, with 45% of shoppers willing to buy vehicles online. Supply chains need to accommodate a multichannel approach to sales, focusing on a seamless customer experience regardless of whether the client is shopping in-store or online.

Use EDI to create simple solutions

At Data Interchange, we have a legacy of providing automotive supply chain solutions. Our founder Phillip Friend helped develop ODETTE FTP, the industry’s first EDI communications protocol. Today, we can help you achieve:



Access to cloud based tools provides an effective single-source-of-truth for your supply chain data. This system drives trading partner adoption, enabling a holistic supply chain overview.


EDI facilitates smooth supply chain integration solutions to simplify processes, whilst cloud based EDI enables easy access across the supply chain from anywhere in the world.


With EDI you can benefit from unparalleled visibility over your supply chains, as well as gaining access to increased levels of control over supply chain relationships based on data.

Data Interchange and the automotive industry

For more on Data Interchange’s experience in providing solutions for the automotive industry, check out this case study.


Take EDI to the next level with EDI-as-a-Service

Our unique approach to EDI ensures that your operation gets the EDI outcomes you need — guaranteed. We deliver this through a solution we call EDI-as-a-Service.


Managed services

Our team works with you and your supply chain partners to provide support when needed, optimise workflows, solve problems and seamlessly onboard new trading partners.

Cloud-based tools

Access EDI documents from the cloud via a single connection, simplify EDI infrastructure and integrate sophisticated analytics and control tools to optimise outcomes.

A tailored outcome

EDI-as-a-Service is built around your specific requirements. We provide support where needed, and automation where possible. Never miss a beat and get outcomes guaranteed.

Access these benefits today

If you want to enjoy the benefits of EDI-as-a-Service, and begin the process of maximising your supply chain outcomes, get in touch.

How EDI-as-a-Service works

This modern EDI overhaul is a collection of inclusive cloud-based tools, pulling together multiple types of EDI alongside managed services and software-as-a-service.

Email notifications

Email notifications

Benefit from automatic emails to suppliers once an order is available in the web portal.

Integration with ERP’s Icon

Proactive support

Our specialist team monitors processes and are in place to quickly respond whenever issues arise.

Enhanced visibility Icon

Dashboard visibility

Access dashboards with flexibility over your real time data and advanced reporting capabilities.

ERP integration

ERP integration

Support for various ERP systems, ensuring the automatic sending and receiving of data.


Multiple EDI standards

Utilise the ability to translate data into recognised formats with the help of our integration specialists.


Smooth trading partner onboarding

Our team can on-board new partners and migrate EDI message flows on your behalf.

Change gear with EDI-as-a-Service

If you’re looking to take supply chain management to the next level, Data Interchange is here to help. Talk to an expert to begin your journey today.