Take Care of All Your EDI Needs at Once

Using a combination of digital tools and elective managed services, EDI-as-a-Service provides flexibility to match your exact EDI needs - and those of your supply chain partners.

EDI as a Service

What is EDI-as-a-Service?

EDI-as-a-Service combines cloud-based tools and on-demand/optional managed services to seamlessly merge multiple types of EDI and accommodate the full spectrum of EDI standards and protocols. The outcome is an end-to-end EDI solution that's able to match the demands of complex global supply chains, regardless of your EDI expertise.

At Data Interchange, we've pioneered this agile approach to EDI in order to make three outcomes possible:

Complete supply chain visibility

EDI adoption rates are critical to supply chain visibility. EDI-as-a-Service removes barriers to adoption and then provides cloud-based tools and dashboards to deliver analysis and a holistic view of your supply chain.

Agile supplier relationships

EDI-as-a-Service facilitates rapid onboarding regardless of protocols, standards or EDI experience. Managed services and cloud-based tools provide the support needed to deliver on the flexibility EDI has always promised.

Efficiency and

Visibility and flexibility drive optimisation. EDI-as-a-Service enables you to re-invest by driving efficiency, creating a positive feedback loop able to increase profit margins, deliver a competitive advantage and improve long-term and short term planning.

How EDI-as-a-Service works

EDI-as-a-Service brings together EDI via VAN, Web EDI, point-to-point EDI and Professional, Managed and Support services to deliver a holistic outcome you can count on.

Cloud-based communication

DiNet, our private cloud Value Added Network, moves all your EDI documents to one place via a single connection, simplifying EDI setup in the process. DiNet’s web-based dashboard includes full message visibility, alerting, audits and reports able to provide complete oversight of your supply chain in real-time.

As well as facilitating data exchanges with thousands of trading partners worldwide, cloud-based communication eliminates the costs associated with EDI specialists and infrastructure — creating effective EDI foundations for supply chain management.


Web-based EDI forms

Web EDI allows inexperienced individuals and organisations to engage with your EDI system from a web browser. Correctly implemented, Web EDI will enhance the efficiency of your supply chain by encouraging suppliers to adopt EDI, resulting in less errors and reducing costs.

Darwin Hub is an adaptable platform designed to facilitate speedy adoption across supply chains for Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs, regardless of EDI expertise. The outcome is easy and flexible onboarding of suppliers and increased efficiencies throughout your operation.

Support when you need it

A lack of technical EDI experience (either in-house or within your supply chain) can undermine traditional EDI solutions. Our support services ensure this won’t happen — delivering assistance onboarding partners, optimising systems and providing ongoing management services.

Managed services tie everything together and provide a flexible, cost-effective way to oversee, observe and optimise your supply chain — while helping you develop your in-house EDI expertise at the same time.


EDI-as-a-Service in detail

Hybrid EDI Grey

Hybrid EDI outcomes

Combine EDI via VAN, Web EDI and point-to-point solutions in a single integrated outcome from Data Interchange.

EDI Flexibility Grey

EDI standard flexibility

EDI mapping and managed service enables accommodation of all EDI standards and protocols. 

Self Service Grey

Self-service and managed

Self-service tools provide on-demand control, and or support services are here when you most need them. 

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