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Our customers are confident in our ability to provide pioneering EDI solutions. Read our customer success stories to find out why.

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“Data Interchange has integrated all our production facilities by migrating all communications to DiNet and provided top-notch service support to give us lasting competitive advantage.”

Robert Cisak

EDI Co-ordinator, Maflow.

“Data Interchange successfully put in place a new OFTP2 capability and migrated 250 suppliers despite challenging deadlines. A truly remarkable achievement!”

Ian Dilliway

Global Head of EDI, Visteon

“Using a single connection to DiNet, we are able to manage our multiple trading partner connections quickly and easily.”

Gabriel Tarragó


“The level of support that Data Interchange continues to provide the Sertec Group as it continues to grow is exemplary.”

Lee Chatfield

Systems Development Manager, Sertec

“Data Interchange has been a trusted partner of Hanon Systems for some time and now provides a fully managed Web EDI service. Our experience with Data Interchange has been extraordinary. Their detailed and organised approach while working on this project has been commendable, producing outstanding results. I can proudly say that Data Interchange has never let me down.”

Suguna Arumugam Velusamy

Global EDI Manager, Hanon Systems

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