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What is OFTP2?

OFTP2 (0dette File Transfer Protocol v2) is the most common protocol used for the exchange of critical automotive business data over the internet. Offering impeccable and secure B2B data transmission, OFTP2 assures confidential and sensitive data is transmitted with speed securely.

Attributes of OFTP2

OFTP2 offers reliable transmission of all types of data.


OFTP2 provides desk to desk file encryption.


Supports transmission of different types of business data.

Network Agnositc

Send over any IP-Network (including Public Internet)

Cost Effective

Easy implementation with low effort required.

Flexible Transmissions

Send large files using file compression.


Send/Receive File Acknowledgments and access detailed Session Logs

Why use OFTP2?

OFTP2 is a protocol that serves the Automotive industry predominately in Europe, developed and managed by Odette. So, if your business operates in or plans to expand into the European Automotive space, expect OFTP2 to be required for your business to run successfully.

Many OEM’s use OFTP2 such as BMW, Ford, Scania, Skoda & Volkswagen alongside most large Tier 1 suppliers.

What do I need for OFTP2?

A Trusted Provider

An OFTP2 software from an Odette trusted provider. 

You can find all of the trusted providers on the Odette website, including Data Interchange!

An Odette ID

An OFTP station identifier (aka Odette ID) offers a single globally recognised unique code which is essential in the complex automotive supply chain environment.

Find out more.

A Digital Certificate

A digital certificate from a Certification Authority (CA) listed on the Odette Trust Service Status List (TSL) ensures the safety of your business data as it is sent and received across the public internet. 

 Find out more about Digital Certificates for OFTP2.

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