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Intuitive EDI software enables robust supply chain outcomes. Choose from self-service tools that leave you in control, or a managed service that takes things to the next level and lets you focus on your core business.

Communication on a global scale

Using software to transform your supply chain

EDI has always been digital, but that’s not the same as simple. The application of new software allows you to refine EDI management, supply chain visibility and analysis.

Visibility and communication

Single-source-of-truth visibility can reduce errors and simplify communication — even across complex global supply chains. Customised dashboards enable straightforward analysis of supplier relationships, bottlenecks and long-term planning.

Automation and flexibility

Automate document flows between trading partners without having to re-key data with the flexibility to model business processes with powerful workflows based on your specific integration needs, regardless of existing EDI expertise or infrastructure.

Analytics and reporting

Oversight allows you to focus on the supply chain, before identifying and resolving issues within your single-source-of-truth platform. Unlock the full potential of the data you have, optimise operations and create closer supply chain relationships.

How software improves EDI

We deploy software for cutting-edge EDI solutions, including our Odex platform, which acts as a communication hub and integrates trading partner data with internal systems. Darwin, our ordering processing solution, provides full compliance with customer EDI processes and XE, our powerful EDI mapping tool, lets you map files to any format.

Understand your supply chain

A clear audit trail of document exchange with your supply chain is essential. On a single platform, Odex delivers that by integrating your ERP system and automating the exchange of EDI documents and messages. You get:

  • Secure transparent control over file transmission.
  • Dashboards, analytics and visualisation within a single-source-of-truth.

Ideal for complex supply chains, Odex can be deployed as a self service tool to trace file exchanges and transform supply chain understanding.


Enable EDI novices

A simple solution for smaller enterprises, Darwin allows you to connect to customers and easily process EDI orders and forecasts. Darwin enables:

  • An overview of all orders, invoices and despatches in one central location.
  • The creation and printing of documentation and labels for each of your orders.

Pre-configured EDI profile packs from Darwin also facilitate the exchange of documents with trading partners instantly, minimising the level of experience needed to succeed.

Overcome complex EDI standards and protocols

Agile supply chain relationships require accommodating a full range of EDI message standards. EDI mapping tools automate the translation of documents between different standards.

With XE you can obtain full mapping visibility, and pairing with Odex allows users to manage incoming documents and the transmission of outgoing mapped documents within a holistic and flexible outcome. XE also provides the flexibility to translate documents to different trading partner requirements by building maps with a graphical user interface.

Get access to a proactive support service and rapid response to issues as and when they arise.

What you get from EDI-as-a-Service

EDI software features


Email notifications

Emails go out to your suppliers when an order is available in the web portal.


ERP Integration

Support for popular ERP systems, ensuring you can automatically send and receive data directly.

Consistent service availability - Icon

Service availability and security

DiNet's availability exceeds 99.95%, and ISO 27001 certification means security you can trust.


Dashboard visibility

Access dashboards that provide flexibility over your data and feature reporting capabilities.

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Access to over 10,000 trading partners

Trade quickly and utilise our library which includes over 10,000 trading partners.

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Extensive protocol support

Ensure you meet all of your trading partners’ protocol requirements with our wide-ranging support.

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Maximising your EDI potential

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