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Automotive | €160 million turnover

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Boryszew S.A. Maflow is a leading manufacturer of air conditioning and other applications for the transport of liquids and gases in automotive vehicles, and a subsidiary of the global, Boryszew Group.

Situated in Poland, Maflow supplies the world’s largest automotive companies and truck manufacturers such as Volkswagen Group, BMW and Leyland-DAF, and is recognised as a world class manufacturer of ‘Fluid Handling Systems’.

Maflow were looking for a Value Added Network (VAN) provider who could adapt their SAP set up to accommodate their growing number of global manufacturing sites and manage internal communications by integrating EDI systems located across four continents.

The first step of the project was to analyse the internal business processes of Maflow factories located in Poland where their first SAP solution and original legacy system was set up.

Maflow wanted to equip their newest manufacturing sites in Mexico and China with a SAP solution and following this, incorporate the rest of their manufacturing sites in Italy, France, Spain and Brazil in the solution to ensure a single communication platform across the business.

A connection was configured between DiNet, Data interchange’s global B2B messaging network and Maflow’s existing SAP system with a single secure FTP protocol. This enabled Maflow to send and receive files internally between their different manufacturing sites and externally, to their existing trading partners.


Communication: Having configured the communications aspect of the solution, the next step of the implementation was to compile an extensive list of Maflow’s trading partner requirements.

Creation: Data Interchange were then able to carry out analysis of all inbound and outbound messages, outlining the parameters for the creation of several core EDI maps and a number of variants.

Migration: With growing numbers of trading partners, Data Interchange established that they would need to create multiple base maps and variants. The last aspect of the implementation process was to migrate Maflow’s trading partners from multiple VAN providers to DiNet. 


Eliminating high communication costs and inefficient business processes, the migration of trading partners was achieved by liaising with other VAN providers to setup deadlines to move EDI and data flows to DiNet.

Maflow have gained complete visibility of all their internal processes, made substantial cost savings and benefit from a proactive Managed Service support system which ensures the business impact of any technical issues is reduced.

With plans for additional expansion, the scalability of the solution also ensures that future business growth can occur more quickly and efficiently.

“Data Interchange has provided top-notch service support to give us lasting competitive advantage”

- Robert Cisak, EDI Co-ordinator, Maflow

Maflow 2

Automotive | €160 million turnover

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