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Having been a valued customer for a number of years, JF Hillebrand were using a Data Interchange solution for communications with Swedish Customs. JF Hillebrand wanted to modernise their outdated dial-up connection to improve the reliability and security of the link to Swedish Customs.

JF Hillebrand needed a solution that allowed faster transactions of CusRec and CusDec files with improved visibility. It was also pivotal that the new system would continue to remain compliant with the technical requirements of Swedish Customs to ensure continuity of service.

Previously operating two separate systems to send and receive files, Data Interchange upgraded their system to benefit from the latest features of Odex Enterprise and the managed connectivity of Data Interchange’s Dinet Integration Network via a single connection.



Secured connection: Dinet provided JF Hillebrand with a connection to Swedish Customs via a high speed secure connection over the Internet using OFTP2 protocol. It also provided the required x25 connection with Swedish Customs.

Faster connection: Set-up over the Internet using a secure OFTP2 protocol, the Data Interchange solution allowed JF Hillebrand to replace their legacy modem with faster connections that ran through Dinet but also, hold the required x25 connection that Swedish Customs were using at the time.


Achieving this transition within a single day, Data Interchange assisted JF Hillebrand in filling out and exchanging the relevant EDI documentation and customs paperwork to ensure a correct system set-up. By moving to an Internet solution based on Dinet, JF Hillebrand were able to push messages to Swedish Customs quickly and reliably and benefit from real-time visibility offered by Dinet.

The Data Interchange solution was faster and easier to maintain, enabling replies from Swedish Customs to be back with JF Hillebrand within minutes. Less equipment and hardware also made the system more resilient and ensured cost savings against the required maintenance of the original infrastructure. Building on the success of the solution further, JF Hillebrand subsequently also used the Odex solution to migrate their EDI system and manage their EDI relations with all their customers.

Responding to a customer requirement, JF Hillebrand added an AS2 component to Odex, which enabled them to run order processes with an impressive capacity, sending thousands of files within a few minutes and covering both the encryption of files and session authentication security requirements.


Logistics & Beverages | $1.33 billion turnover

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