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Starting here is just the beginning.

For over 35 years, we have been pioneering EDI solutions for complex, global supply chains. Now we want to pass this knowledge to a new generation of developers. We are always looking for new thinking, whether you have recently graduated from university or you are ready to start a new career.

Welcome to the Engineering Graduate Programme.


The Engineering Graduate Programme Mission

Deliver knowledge

We provide students with in-depth software development training, including C#, SOLID principles, SQL and React, given by our experienced Engineering team.

Build confidence

We know how difficult the first steps in your career are, so the Graduate Programme helps new developers to get started and build up their knowledge and skills at a comfortable pace, helping to build self-confidence.

Provide valuable skills

Our goal is to provide knowledge and skills that will support their future in the workplace. We believe that as our graduates increase their technical skills, they will be able to face the toughest of challenges.

Career Path Opportunities

Graduates join DI at the very beginning of their careers. Then they have the chance to take their development skills to the next level including professional best practices as well as learning tools and technologies. But it doesn't stop there. Opportunities to progress technically, as well as enter management or move across the business are available:


Junior Software Developer

Software Developer

Senior Software Developer

Engineering - System Development

Engineering - System Development and Design

Engineering - System Design, Coaching, Technical Direction

From here the next step is your choice. Remember that support will be available at every step you take with us.


What is your route to success?

  • You’ll be mentored by smart, highly-capable people in a collaborative environment that encourages the sharing of knowledge and experience.
  • We’ll get you working with others to get you up and running on real-world development projects from the very beginning.
  • You’ll learn all the skills you’ll need for the best start to your career as part of a talented software development team.
  • You will work alongside designers, project managers, account managers and strategy experts to develop EDI products and solutions.
  • We provide you with a 3-month training program, supported by a mentor and a skilled team around you.

On successful completion of the graduate training programme, we will welcome you as a full-time member of one of our development teams, where you will start contributing to our production systems.

Join Data Interchange as a student and your team will welcome you as a full member of staff, like any other employee. That’s just one reason why you can have so much impact here.