Automotive | €360 million turnover

Reducing costs with new technology

An OFTP2 supported solution


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of the VAN solution


In the automotive industry, the timely delivery of the right products, at the right time, to the right place, in the right order is often mandatory.To improve communication with trading partners, Carcoustics now uses new technology from Data Interchange and thus saves around half of its costs. Just in Time (JiT) and Just in Sequence (JiS) are the magic words in automobile production.

To meet the high demands of manufacturers, suppliers must ensure smooth communication, in real time, with their their trading partners. This was not guaranteed from Carcoustics prior to Data Interchange’s involvement.

Carcoustics, an innovative, medium-sized company, with headquarters in Leverkusen, has approximately 2,700 employees at 11 locations. It develops and manufactures acoustic and thermally-effective components for the automotive industry, as well as other sectors.

Thus, their customised solutions can also be found in household appliances, plant and mechanical engineering, agricultural machinery, heating technology and air conditioning technology, as well as rail vehicles.



VAN: For networking between trading partners, Carcoustics relied on a combination of directly-secured EDI connections and indirect connections via VAN (value added network). To increase the efficiency, flexibility, reliability and transparency of the VAN solution, Carcoustics considered different providers.



Fortuitously, Carcoustics received a call from the EDI provider, Data Interchange. The company had helped to develop the OFTP2 protocol and was one of the first providers of this service in Germany.

"We had specific ideas about the functions, for example, sensible monitoring, a high reproducibility of data and costs and OFTP2 functionality. This is important
for us to be able to continue to trade electronically after the ISDN switch-off in Germany. It’s the only way we can continue to provide smooth communication with our international partners, particularly in North America, France and Spain.”

- Frank Mueller-Boehm, CTO and Vice President, Carcoustics


Automotive | €360 million turnover

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