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Operating in arguably the world's most competitive and complex automotive market, VWG UK's New Vehicle System (NVS) rollout was a multi-million-pound project designed to streamline and improve the way VW brand vehicles are sold and maintained in the UK.

The DMS-I is the integration point between VW's internal system and retailers, providing crucial up to date information. It enables VW to fully access the benefits of the NVS programme, retailers benefit from timely, accurate model and option pricing, data and individual vehicle history.

The DMS-I has replaced a number of inefficient legacy systems and gives VWG UK a secure and stable communication platform with their 800 UK dealers. VWG UK chose to partner with Data Interchange, using their Enterprise Process.


Onboarding: Data Interchange designed and configured the EPIC product to deliver on the VWG UK business processes, worked with the retailers' solution providers and successfully onboarded over 500 dealers. Go live was achieved over a single weekend, enabling the entire delivery to be complex on time and on budget.

Exchange: Data from multiple internal VWG UK systems is forwarded to EPIC Translation Server in the corporate network and held for processing in overnight batches. Depending on the data source, some messages are passed through without modification whilst others are converted from VWG UK’s internal file formats to the external file format expected by the retailers before ensuring that data could be exchanged across the network securely and efficiently and in multiple EDI formats.


After processing the batch, data is sent to the EPIC SFTP Server located in the DMZ. Depending on the message type, data is either presented in ‘public’ SFTP folders or retailers specific directories. Retailers log onto the EPIC SFTP Server on a daily basis to collect the data that VWG UK are sending.

In addition to the outbound data flow from VWG UK, throughout the day retailers also send data back to VWG UK via the EPIC SFTP server. Messages sent by the retailers are checked by the EPIC SFTP Server for structural validity and then forwarded to the internal EPIC server. Data is held by the EPIC Translation Server in the corporate network and processed into batches each evening.

The EPIC Translation Server generates reports for each batch, highlighting which retailers have submitted data, and then the batch of messages are forwarded to the corresponding internal VWG system.

With little time, insufficient information and more than a modicum of risk, Data Interchange delivered a robust capability in a few months when many said it could not be done. You are to be congratulated
on your planning and delivery

- Nick Gaines, Volkswagen Group UK


Automotive | £3 billion turnover

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