Automotive Manufacturing | £265 million turnover

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A Managed EDI Service

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Rather than spending a vast amount of time and resource dedicated to EDI due to rapid growth and customer complexities, Sertec took the strategic decision to outsource their EDI requirements. Sertec’s focus then shifted onto their core business, growth and the solution ensured unparalleled levels of reliability.

2000 - Sertec needed to exchange business-critical data with one of their key customers, Ford. They began their EDI journey with Data Interchange.

2013 - During this time Sertec experienced rapid business growth, in line with the success of JLR. This resulted in an increase in sales and more complex customer requirements. Therefore, Data Interchange provided Sertec with a Managed EDI Service to support their transformation.

2019 - Sertec have a fairly mature EDI set up and have grown to 2208 employees. However, they are still looking to improve through driving the benefits of EDI down their supply chain by engaging with their direct supplier base.



Safe Hands: Data Interchange’s team of experts handled the day-to-day transaction of EDI files between Sertec and their customers and suppliers. Knowing that their EDI was in safe hands took a lot of pressure away.

Visibility: Sertec were able to have full visibility of all transactions and processes should they wish to monitor any movement of files.

Why did Sertec choose Data Interchange?

  • To trade efficiently with less penalties
  • To concentrate on growing their business by passing their EDI requirements over
  • To keep visibility
  • To improve the reliability of their data
  • To be able to free up resource



As part of their Managed Service, Sertec took full advantage of Data Interchange’s DiNet Integration Network, allowing access to 100,000s of trading partners. “Intercompany connectivity is vital in the modern supply chain - without it, you can’t be a player in the automotive game,” added Chatfield. Data Interchange is now working with Sertec to on-board over 180 suppliers to DiNet, ensuring full EDI take-up.

“The entire transition phase was handled
perfectly, with no disruption at all to our
critical customer schedules.”

- Kelvin Rapley, Sertec.

Switching to the Managed Service meant that we had a solution fully managed and hosted by experts. At that time we had grown to a size where managing the EDI ourselves had become too much of an overhead, and without internal expertise it represented a significant risk to the business.

- Lee Chatfield, Sertec


Automotive Manufacturing | £265 million turnover

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