Automotive | $52 million turnover

Agility provided for business growth

A resilient on-premise solution

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Cost savings of more than


in comparison to outsourced EDI model


Having secured lucrative contracts with numerous key automotive names, SMR have developed a clear strategy for geographic expansion into expanding global markets. Combining this strategy with experience and resources, SMR is capable of setting up fully- equipped factories anywhere in the world within a very short time frame.

When this rapidly increasing international presence prompted SMR to re-evaluate their EDI needs, it became clear that quickly rising costs and a lack of adaptability meant that their legacy systems were no longer a suitable option. Requesting the assistance of Data Interchange, SMR needed a secure and flexible in-house solution to accommodate their expanding business and increasing number of customer connections.

Combining the messaging exchange services of Odex Enterprise and the managed global connectivity of the Dinet Integration Network, Data Interchange were able to tailor a solution that matched SMR’s business requirements.



Managed connections: The implementation of Odex Enterprise allowed SMR to schedule and manage message transfers with their various trading partners. Connecting SMR’s solution to Data Interchange’s global messaging platform, Dinet Integration Network also allowed SMR to connect to multiple trading partners across the globe using a single managed connection. This ensured the continued and secure availability of trading partner communication at all times.



The Data Interchange solution allowed SMR to take complete ownership over their EDI processes and benefit instantly from significant cost savings of more than 50% in comparison to their previous, outsourced EDI model.

The first-class EDI expertise and product training provided by Data Interchange also created cost savings for SMR in terms of giving staff the ability to understand and resolve routine EDI issues, minimising errors in the process and the need for specialised personnel.

With an increased agility to meet their evolving EDI demands, SMR are now in a position to see their EDI processes adapt and grow with their business.

With the products and services from Data Interchange we have all the possibilities of EDI connectivity and the maximum capacity of integration with our ERP.

- Eusebio Lluesma, EDI Manager at SMR


Automotive | $52 million turnover

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