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Through their adaptive ERP solutions, QAD supports the supply chain integration of manufacturing businesses across more than 100 countries. To further their interoperability offering, QAD partnered with Data Interchange in 2013.

Their pioneering ERP software has been the driver of their success, but to enable them to expand their cloud ERP business solutions, they needed a partner they could trust. Consequently, QAD decided to enter a partnership with Data Interchange.

QAD Cloud EDI allowed QAD to grow its interoperability business area with double-digit year-on-year growth and secure additional recurring revenue via Data Interchange’s cloudbased platform.

QAD has been able to influence Data Interchange’s product roadmap, resulting in constant improvements to the solution. In addition, the partnership has enabled QAD to grow a substantial interoperability business that has met its required growth and profitability requirements.



The QAD Cloud EDI solution is a fully managed, cloud-based EDI service that has provided QAD’s customers with many benefits, including:

  • Mitigating risk
  • Service level guarantees
  • Fast integration of trading partners
  • Quick on-boarding
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved visibility
  • Proactive prevention of issues


Service: Through the partnership, QAD provides a service that complements their portfolio while also delivering an end-to-end solution. This enables QAD to offer a 24/7, 365-day support function with the assistance of Data Interchange.

End-to-end solution: The QAD Cloud EDI solution has provided QAD with an additional benefit of helping them work more closely with their end customers. QAD Cloud EDI also compliments QAD’s broad services portfolio thus providing an advantage over many of their competitors whom are not able to provide a complete end-to-end solution to their customers.


The QAD Cloud EDI platform, supported and administered by QAD, is fully integrated with QAD Adaptive ERP. Combined with the DiNet network from Data interchange, the solutions open up access to more than 10, 000 trading partners via Data Interchange’s bestin-class, fully resilient cloud-based platform.

This enables QAD to deliver a fully robust end-to-end EDI solution to their customers, expanding their portfolio and delivering reliable EDI capabilities to their customers.

“The service we’ve been able to build with Data Interchange through a close working relationship has been highly valuable whilst improving our customers’ experience by providing an end-to-end solution.

Our QAD Cloud EDI offering enabled us to fill a market niche by helping our customers manage EDI and trading partner relationships, in addition to being able to build specialised offerings such as 3PL solutions.”

- Xavi Prat, VP Interoperability, QAD

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