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Seeking to eliminate the costs associated with an inefficient legacy system, Visteon decided to close down their German B2B Gateway service that provided crucial OFTP2 connectivity to link their European suppliers into their internal MRP system based in the United States.

Approaching Data Interchange with a fixed closure date, Visteon needed to replace their existing legacy system with a reliable and cost effective solution that would facilitate the transfer of 250 suppliers to a brand new system in as little as 12 weeks.



  • Ensured ability to exchange messages with all trading partners from a single, secure, managed connection
  • Systems transferred from the decommissioned site with minimal disturbance or loss of business
  • Moved 250 suppliers in a timely fashion and ahead of schedule
  • Reduction in infrastructure costs


Connectivity: Data Interchange recommended its DiNet Integration Network to provide the connectivity to the 250 suppliers using secure EDI over the Internet via the OFTP2 protocol.

Onboarding: Data Interchange managed the on-boarding campaign to contact Visteon’s suppliers to ensure the necessary non-EDI and technical data was collected. Data Interchange then setup and performed connectivity testing before ensuring that data could be exchanged across the network securely and efficiently and in multiple EDI formats.


The Data Interchange solution ensured Visteon could communicate with all their trading partners in multiple message formats via a single, secure and managed connection. Implementing the solution saw a sizeable reduction in infrastructure costs which helped reallocate resources to other core business areas and increase overall business productivity.

Data Interchange also showed first-class project management from the outset of the project, transferring Visteon’s systems from a site that was being decommissioned without incurring any loss of business or disruption to normal business processes.

By transitioning 250 suppliers in a timely fashion and ahead of schedule to DiNet, Data Interchange ensured business continuity, no loss of trading partners and allowed room for future trading partners within a single solution.

“Data Interchange successfully put in place a new OFTP2 capability and migrated 250 suppliers despite challenging deadlines. A truly remarkable achievement!”

Iain Dilliway, Visteon

Visteon Logo

Automotive | $2.945 billion turnover

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