Starting here is just the beginning.

For over 35 years, we have been pioneering EDI solutions for complex, global supply chains. Now we want to pass this knowledge to new generations and develop it with a fresh perspective. We are always looking for new thinking, whether you are still at university or you are ready to start a career.

Welcome to the Academy.


Applications for the Data Interchange 2022 Academy will be open soon.


Important Dates for the 2022 Academy

1st April – 30th April - In-country Academy Applications

1st May – May 28th - Application Interviews

30th May - 31st – Decision on successful candidates

1st August - Academy start


The Academy Mission

Deliver knowledge

We provide students with EDI knowledge via our many experts in an easy and transparent way, by offering them the space for their own intellectual contribution.

Build confidence

We know how difficult the first steps in your career are, so the Academy Leader will take every opportunity to help and support students build self-confidence by expressing themselves in their daily projects and duties. 

Provide valuable skills

Our goal is to provide knowledge and skills that will support their future in the workplace. We believe that as our students become EDI experts, they will be able to face the toughest of challenges.

Career Path Opportunities

Academy students join DI at the very beginning of their careers. Then they have the chance to choose what they specialise in. But it doesn't stop there. Opportunities to move up the ladder, enter management or move across the business are available:


1st Line Support Analyst (Support)

2nd Line Support Analyst (Support)

Service Desk Team Lead (Support)

Project Co-ordinator (Professional Services)

Project Manager (Professional Services)

Implementation Consultant (Professional Services)

Solution Architect (Professional Services)

From here the next step is your choice. Remember that support will be available at every step you take with us.


Meet our Students

Our students get hands-on experience while collaborating with some of the best minds in the EDI world. Yes, students will learn from them, but our experts expect to learn from students too.


Omolayo Adeniran

Omolayo was born in Nigeria (Yoruba tribe). Currently, he lives in Katowice, Poland, and has a Master's degree in Civil Engineering. He is interested in sports, traveling and discoveries. If he had won Lotto, he would have invested in short and long financial investments, travels and the rest of the money would have been spent on helping the less privileged.

Omolayo's spirit animal is: Whale (Wisdom, Power, Strength, Protection)

Laura Rakhimberdina

Laura comes from Kazakhstan. She has a master's degree in Computer Science (Data Science). In her career, she has also worked as an accountant and in the audit section. Laura's hobbies are sports activities such as Snowboarding, hiking and also a gym. For mental balance, she plays chess and reads books on psychology. If she won the lottery, she would like to support her family in business and education. Then she would spend the rest of the money on her development and charity.

Laura's spirit animal is: Bear (Power, Bravery, Peace, Authority)


Karol Macherzynski

Karol comes from Poland and lives in Katowice. He graduated in IT and is interested in cryptocurrencies, technological innovations. He loves to play video and board games and travel. Karol took part in military training for students called the "Legia Akademicka" where he passed training in cryptology and cybersecurity. If he had won Lotto, he would buy a house/flat, save some money for unexpected expenses and help the family.

Karol's spirit animal is: Dolphin (Harmony, Defensive, Assistance, Strength)


What is your route to success?

  • As part of the DI Academy you will learn both industry standard work practices and DI Product and Service knowledge to perform tasks and responsibilities within our Service Desk and Professional Services teams.
  • You will establish good customer relationships and maintain those relationships by offering first rate customer service, using all forms of communication available.
  • You will also be responsible for co-ordinating internal and external communication with key stakeholders and customers on incidents affecting all of Data Interchange’s services.
  • Working closely with our service delivery and professional services teams, you will ensure all customer tickets and requests are handled in line with agreed SLAs and escalated to the relevant team where appropriate.
  • We provide you with a 6-month training program, supported by a mentor and a skilled team around you.

On successful completion of the Academy program, we will welcome you as a full-time member of Data Interchange.

What students experienced at the Academy?



"The best experience so far is meeting great people and learning useful things like professional customer service. I am very happy that Chris is our mentor because he is a really great guy who is always here for us."

Watch the graduation video here ▶


"I know what ODEX is and how this program helps customers and makes their work easier and clear. Today I was able to see how my coordinator communicates with customers and I have learned how to make a contact with them now."

Watch the graduation video here ▶


"Words honestly can’t describe. It’s been wonderfully exciting. I feel ‘at home’, especially during sessions with Chris and my amazing new colleagues. Especially getting hands-on with the products and working on real projects. It gives me a feel of the actual life at DI"

Watch the graduation video here ▶

Join Data Interchange as a student and your team will welcome you as a full member of staff, like any other employee. That’s just one reason why you can have so much impact here.