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We provide world class B2B EDI products and services. Save time, reduce costs and drive productivity.


Darwin provides everything you need out of the box. Fully comply with your customers’ EDI processes.

Our standalone order processing solution is perfect for small and medium size enterprises. It provides everything you…



Automate the exchange and processing of business documents between trading partners.

Odex can be used as an EDI gateway to your supply chain, to integrate your ERP system or…


Designed specifically for large corporations with high traffic environments, Epic lets you integrate internal systems, business processes and trading partners.

Epic is our enterprise level integration solution that offers…


Hosted IBM MQ Server

Our automated solutions provide unified integration with your internal systems. This not only boosts productivity but saves you hours of manual data entry.

Use our hosted IBM MQ Server solution to start sharing logistics data without the without the cost or complexity of your own implementation. IBM MQ Server as a Service from Data Interchange lets you work…

XE EDI mapping tool

A powerful mapping solution that gives companies of all sizes the ability to integrate internal systems and applications with trading partners.

XE is the perfect solution for the most simple or the most complex of mappings. Furthermore, included with XE is a vast selection of…



Quickly establish the registered keeper of any vehicle on a given date.

Our Vehicle Keeper software enables local authorities, bailiffs and private parking companies to query the DVLA KADOE (Keeper At Date Of Event) database and quickly establish the registered keeper of any vehicle on a given date.

Providing a comprehensive breakdown of vehicle information…

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