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We pioneer and deliver brilliantly simple EDI solutions. Our solutions connect businesses, increase efficiency and drive value in the supply chain


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We connect thousands of businesses and trading partners globally and facilitate the fast and accurate exchange of business-critical data. Our in-house developed B2B EDI integration technologies enable our customers’ businesses to operate efficiently.

We pioneered some of the first EDI systems in the UK and Europe in the 1980’s. Our founder, Phillip Friend, was a leading member of the ODETTE communications standards group who designed the ODETTE FTP protocol (OFTP). As a result, our founder’s values of hard work and innovation stay with us today.

For over 30 years we’ve developed pioneering technology for data communication. Therefore, we now employ over 100 EDI specialists across Europe and work with some of the biggest automotive brands in the world. Our programme of investment in our product and services portfolio ensures we continue to offer customers innovative ways to improve their business operations.


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1980’s – Philip Friend develops ODETTE FTP for the Automotive industry

Philip Friend founded our company with his wife Janice and colleague John Powl when EDI was a developing technology. He had been leading the ODETTE group of automotive OEMs that developed the industry’s first EDI communications protocol – ODETTE FTP. This was to become Europe’s EDI communication standard for the automotive industry.

Phil’s and Janice’s fledgling business became Data Interchange and our company began to develop further EDI solutions, including Odex, for a range of computer platforms.

1990’s – Business grows, Odex is launched for more platforms

As companies worldwide began to implement EDI, the company grew. It was a period of intense activity as Data Interchange built solutions for IBM mainframe, PC, HP3000, IBM System/36 and IBM AS/400. In addition, Xlate was developed to convert files to EDI format and BACX.25, which allowed businesses to submit direct debit/credit instructions to the UK banking system.

As more customers chose EDI, software integration became important and the company needed more people. We moved to the Metro Centre in Peterborough as we added more software developers, sales and technical support teams.


2000’s – Data Interchange moves to Lynchwood and into Europe

By 2000 most larger manufacturers wanted EDI, and its benefits in optimising supply chain efficiency globally were clear. New programming tools were arriving from Microsoft, so we moved Odex and Xlate to the brand-new .net framework creating Odex Enterprise and Xlate Evolution while adding new B2B software features for wider markets.

During this period, we set up our own VAN (Value Added Network) using Data Interchange solutions. This focussed on the automotive sector and became known as DiNet. DiNet is now one of the most widely used EDI VANs operating globally.

As a result, the company continued to grow. Needing more space, we moved to the Lynchwood business park in Peterborough. Also, we opened a number of satellite European offices to support our growing number of global customers.

2010’s – The Internet, partnership with QAD and managed EDI

The Internet began to change the way people worked and offered businesses a new way to use software applications, to receive orders and track deliveries. Therefore, we embraced Internet technology to deliver our solutions online. Also, we saw a growing demand for customers wanting to outsource much of their EDI operations. Our partnership with QAD used our technology to provide them with a managed services platform to deliver EDI as a service.

During this decade we also continued to enhance our web solutions, Darwin Hub and our DiNet portal to make EDI easy for customers to use.

Having run the business for several years during this time, the founder’s sons, Ewan and Ieuan Friend, appointed Robert Steiner to be the new CEO of Data Interchange.

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2020’s – New CEO looks ahead to 2020-2025

Data Interchange is a now multi-million-pound business. CEO Robert Steiner is bringing new energy and vision to our business. Above all, he is preparing us for the next phase of our growth.

Therefore, we plan to add more partners to our network and invest in our core product and services’ portfolio to reflect the changing nature of our customers’ business.

Our mission is to simplify EDI and become the leading cloud-based EDI software provider globally.




Provide easy to use global B2B integration, enabling our customers to exploit the full potential of their trading relationships.

​​Enable our customers to optimise their supply chain through our cloud-based solutions and managed services. ​

​Commitment to investing in our people and providing outstanding customer experiences.



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ISO 9001 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems. It ensures we meet the needs of our customers and provide consistent quality in the provision of our services.



ISO 27001 is an Information Security Standard. It provides our employees and customers with the reassurance that their data is protected.


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