Announcement: Andrew Filby becomes CEO of Data Interchange

Today we welcome Andrew Filby into the position of CEO at Data Interchange.  Andrew has worked at the company for over 30 years across various departments, most recently heading up Research & Development. Having worked with the founders of the business, Andrew can ensure that the legacy, purpose and future vision of Data Interchange remains…

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Consumer Expectations cause Demand for Integrated Data

With the advancement in technology as well as data analytics over the past few years, businesses have been able to customise like never before. This customisation, through the use of integrated data, has increased buyer expectations and is a trend that is continuing to advance.  With your customers expected to deliver a tailored experience to…

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Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Challenges Increase the Pressure

The pandemic has left global supply chains in a state of flux. With shipping containers in incorrect locations, a lack of truck drivers and ever-rising costs, supply chain challenges are not going away any time soon. These challenges force pressure on the people who work for businesses involved in supply chains, e.g, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail…

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Supply Chain Flexibility: Why your customers need it

Being able to respond to supply chain disruptions, changes in demand and external market variations is supply chain flexibility. For many businesses, to thrive and gain a competitive advantage, they need to be able to flex and scale their supply chain quickly. Having the ability to; scale production, find a new supplier, implement cutting edge…

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Meet the Team: Marketing

Our Marketing Team at Data Interchange plays a vital role in our success. The team is responsible for promotion, messaging and brand, to name a few. But let’s not forget; quality entertainment, a load of coffee consumption as well as sharing crazy Cockapoo stories! In this blog, we thought we would share with you some…

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The top three supply chain data exchange requirements

Having worked with supply chain businesses for over 30 years we understand the different needs businesses and their departments have when it comes to supply chain data exchange. To help you ensure supply chain success, we have outlined the top three requirements we come across from the different areas within a supply chain business.

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