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Yusen Logistics UK (YLUK) began its relationship with Data Interchange in 2004. They required the ability to improve their internal data processes between various systems, as well as those externally with their clients. They needed a partner who could support and scale with the business and help them meet their client’s demands. It was at this time they started their integration journey with Data Interchange.

Today, YLUK provides time-critical supply chain solutions to many well-known vendors, in the pharmaceuticals, consumer electrical and automotive sectors. They provide storage, pick/pack/ship, pallet and parcel delivery services, transport planning and tracking across Europe. More recently, YLUK supported the global distribution of a Covid-19 vaccine, and by the end of 2021, delivered more than 300 million doses.

The solution YLUK uses from Data Interchange is their B2B Gateway called, Odex. This provides them with an on-premise integration solution covering; Managed File Transfer for their internal data processes, and EDI capability for their external data requirements with their clients.

All of the above-mentioned services that YLUK provide rely on integration via Odex, sending and receiving millions of messages per year. This covers all the messages within the logistics supply chain; pre-advice of inbound product, order receipt, product status updates through to the final mile delivery with electronic POD and tracking information. Due to this, YLUK’s clients have visibility and a near real-time audit trail of their assets.

Why Data Interchange?

  • The solution provides their clients’ visibility.
  • One integration solution for their supply chain.
  • Data interchange work as an extension of the YLUK integration team and they are great to work with.
  • The Odex solution is reliable, flexible and well-supported.
  • The Odex solution is user friendly for YLUK EDI team.
  • YLUK’s in-house team can access and manage the solution as required.
  • Future scope to move to the cloud.


Access to the solution:
YLUK, like many logistics businesses, has its own in-house team of experts. Therefore, they need the ability to access and make changes. With Odex, they can provide their customers with a choice of standard, enabling a smoother implementation between their internal systems (WMS, TMS) and the customer’s own ERP. It provides them with the ability to manage all their integrations with their in-house team of EDI analysts. Enabling them to offer the level of support their clients need.

Support when required:
Data Interchange also provides mapping support to YLUK, whether it’s a one-off or part of a wider project.


With the new solution, data files arrive via DiNet, and Data Interchange makes the hosted ENX connection to Renault Logistics through its own IBM MQ server and the global DiNet Integration Network.

Adampol can monitor exactly what is happening on the network. They use DiNet’s dashboard to view their data and files in real-time, with 24/7 access.

There are no interruptions in the transactions – the data is always transferred immediately. The hosted system allows Adampol to create all the reports they require, and provides alerts for messages and queries.

"Data Interchange can be relied upon to provide excellent customer service via their dedicated and knowledgeable staff, providing excellent support on high priority incidents as and when required."

Matthew Bacon, YLUK Integration Manager


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