Manufacturing & Supply Chain event Milton Keynes 2022

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Leading EDI integration software 

  • Overcome complex manual processes with the latest EDI tools and data transfer.

EDI Experts 

  • Our team have a detailed understanding of multiple EDI standards and are experienced in fixing connection and data translation issues.

Specialist EDI managed service provider

  • Innovative supply chain solutions and expertise without the in-house resource.

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What's on offer?

  • Over 30 years of EDI experience
    We understand supply chains of all sizes and the global complexities they face now and for the future.
  • EDI specialists
    We identify your supply chain challenges and turn them into competitive advantages.
  • Peak at our pioneering solutions
    See how our solutions help save costs and improve efficiency.



“Data Interchange successfully put in place a new OFTP2 capability and migrated 250 suppliers despite challenging deadlines. A truly remarkable achievement!”

Ian Dilliway
Global Head of EDI, Visteon